Rocco's Interior
Interior of Rocco’s in 2006 and today.

We Are Different

Established in 2006 Rocco’s Pizzeria LLC has since become one the fastest growing and well known names for pizza in Westmoreland county. Things like the iconic boxing glove logo, custom pizza boxes, the PizzaMafia and clothing lines with green and white coloring are just a few things that make Rocco’s stand out above the competition.  The customer interactions on Facebook and Twitter make you feel like you are part of the family.
We open before and we are open later for the locals. We constantly look for ways to better ourselves and improve the customer experience.


At Rocco’s we only offer the highest quality of ingredients. Many pizza shops promise this but we truly do use only the best. Our cheese is the finest cheese from Grande Cheese. We do not mix it with synthetic cheeses.  All of our dough is homemade from a secret family recipe. All of our other ingredients are fresh. We just do not compromise anywhere in the process. We know that after you have tried our Pizza you will also see reasons why it is the best there is!